Our New Babysitter’s First Experience With Us

Our new babysitter is the best. THE BEST. She’s a freakin’ champ. She can handle a toddler and three nosy dogs like a hybrid of SuperNanny and Caesar – The Dog Whisperer.

Her adventure began upstairs when Lars stopped from full motion and screamed, “POOPOO!” Thinking on her feet, she grabbed him, pulled off the brown-drenched undies and quickly darted him to the tub.

Next, she entertained him while the water heated – those pipes take forever. While she was acting like an Oarfish from the underwater show Octonauts, she thought it would be good to rinse out the soiled underpants.

But, alas, they have disappeared.

After she realized the dogs must have grabbed the underwear, she quickly pulls Larsen out of the tub, wraps him in a towel –  only to find Slayer with the brown-stained skivvies in his mouth.

The chase commenced.

He runs under the bed where he knows her arms can’t reach him. But another good sign of a babysitter is getting the child to help with the cleanup. And she did just that.

Larsen has a two-foot long grabber toy that can reach Slayer. Our naked son manages to grab his underwear out from the ferocious Yorkie-poo! Yay!

Thankfully, Slayer ate most of the poop, and our new sitter didn’t have much to clean up.

This just goes to show we can never be prepared for the challenges that babysitting – or parenting – throws at us, so just take them as they come and do your best.

I wasn’t sure she would ever return, but she did come watch him tonight! Thank you for your fearless spirit, G! We love you!


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