About Emily

“The sacred work of mothering requires a great deal of discipline and devotion…We can make the higher choice when we take the time to go within. In the space between the inner response and the outer response lives the remembrance that our children are sacred beings struggling to master the human experience.” ~The Sacred Weave of Mothering by Marianne Franzese Chasen

Mothering my son has profoundly changed me. Once I had Lars, I never knew a love so strong. Then, my daughter came along. Parker Sloane is a reminder of pure joy. Children shape us through this “sacred work of mothering.” It hasn’t all been roses, and I’ve failed at parenting so many times. 

But they are my muses, my gurus, and will forever be my babies.  They remind me in various ways of our accountability as parents to offer the best versions of ourselves to our children.

There have been days where I have been so bored as a stay-at-home-mother, I find my mind yelling, “Stay awake!” from the inside. Yet, the mundane parts of motherhood have humbled me in powerful ways. 

Now as a single mom or a working mom, I explore how the labels change my parenting, my feelings of success or guilt, my choices as a parent. 

There have been days where my heart has been cracked wide open with a rush of deep love. The overwhelming joys of motherhood have revealed to my soul what service to another brings.

Reaching for the higher ideals of peaceful parenting, compassion, and love keep me grounded throughout these paradoxes of motherhood.

Children offer an opportunity of deep contemplation for parents. This can either be heavy or enlightening.

It’s up to us to recognize these openings as paths of personal transformation – these moments are our ways of “trying to master the human experience” too.

In this blog, I hope to share with you my trajectory of soul work that motherhood has encouraged.



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