The High-Conflict Co-Parenting Communication Course will help you communicate more effectively in high-conflict relationships. You will learn how to recognize when you are triggered, how to respond to common pushback that stalls communication, and state your boundaries clearly. You will learn how to communicate solutions instead of reacting to common pitfalls. You will learn how to ask questions to keep the conversation moving forward. You will learn to decode the intention behind the communication and respond effectively. You will learn how to come across as assertive and firm but also allow room to be flexible. You will learn to communicate with power and dignity while holding your boundaries. This course is designed to lower conflict in communicating with high-conflict relationships and protect children from long-term exposure to stress. A four-step process for communication is offered to maneuver the conversation toward solutions. You will learn to address common ground, reduce “power plays,” and ask deepening questions. You will learn helpful phrases to use when pushing the conversation toward a solution. You will learn how to communicate in the fewest words possible so that your boundaries are clear. You will learn how to ask for specifics so that a common goal is achieved.

What you’ll learn

  • Communicate with power & dignity, recognizing when triggered
  • Recognize a “power play” & respond accordingly
  • Deliver your boundaries cleanly & clearly
  • Learn how to identify & deal with pushback
  • Bring a sense of peace after your divorce

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You will need a willingness to look at your emotional responses around your ex and take the time to regulate yourself before communicating with them.

Who this course is for:

  • This is an online class for parents to understand and manage high-conflict divorce and co-parenting common miscommunications. This is a course that teaches best practices in communicating with your ex: Leave every exchange composed, empowered, & in control.
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