The Religion of My Youth: How Violent Images from the Bible Affected Me as a Child

I can't divide the Bible into wrathful God and peaceful God. For one, I wouldn't know where to place the line. I can't deny what I've read in the Bible, as a child and now as an adult. If Bible stories were made into movies, I would not let Larsen watch any of them. I wouldn't fast forward through the violent scenes just to get to the good parts. I wouldn't push play at all.

Let Them Rage: Feel Instead of Fix

It's a distraction from the real work. A parent is not only a person who feels grief intimately but also someone who must watch their child experience it too, which means feel it all over again. Kids, parents - people in general - need open arms. Space. A Witness. Someone to hold us through experiencing pain. Someone to echo back to us what we said we are feeling. Someone to give words to our emotions and let them float around the room, watching in awe with us.